Why Silversun

If you are after a team you can trust to build your new caravan, look no further than Silversun Caravans.
Established in 2010, Silversun Caravans is a 100% Australian owned and operated, family business who take pride in each caravan that we build.

All our caravans comply with Australian Design Standard VSB1 and Australian Design Rule 62, and are made from brand-new, quality components and materials.

Our caravans are locally designed with practicality in mind. They are genuine factory-direct and are manufactured in our Queensland factory to the highest standards by fully qualified and experienced tradesmen.

We are committed to:

Operating with the greatest integrity. As such, we aim to be straight-forward and honest in all our communications with customers.
The continuous improvement of our Quality Management System, and our rigorous quality assurance process ensures that every Silversun caravan is built to the highest standard and complies with all the applicable regulations.
The efficient and timely delivery of products and services to our customers as agreed by contract, which is within budget, fit for purpose, and is at a standard of quality that meets or exceeds their expectations.
With an outstanding reputation within the caravanning industry, including many satisfied customers Australia-wide, Silversun strives to make every part of your experience with us pleasant, uncomplicated, and satisfying.

Australian Made Certified

Silversun Caravan are proud to be certified as Australian-made.
Since 1986, the Australian Made logo has been a registered certification trademark for products and goods that have been primarily or solely made, grown, produced, or manufactured in Australia. Certified Australian Made products have been tested to legitimately meet Australia’s manufacturing standards and are trusted as supporting local jobs and businesses as well as developing industries and the national economy.